The Date Packages


Each of these packages have been designed with connection in mind. Let's share extended time together over a meal, before we escape the world and unwind between the sheets, or spend the night falling asleep in each-others arms. Please allow atleast 24 hours notice in order to plan any of the following dates.

I can't wait to adventure with you!


The Dinner Date

For those searching to unwind with company over delicious food, and then the ultimate dessert afterwards. 

Includes 2 Hours for Dinner, and 2 Hours for Private Time

$1100 CAD


The Overnight

Complete with pillows, cuddles, and many moments to kiss, the overnight is perfect for those that are seeking to wake up and go to sleep in bliss next to someone special. 

Includes 14 Hours, Starting in The Late Evening and Ending after Breakfast in Bed 

$3000 CAD


The Netflix and Chill Date

Let's Share Cuddles, Popcorn and Frequent kisses as We Watch Our Fave Netflix Series or Movie. After We Laugh and Share Our Thoughts on What We Just Watched As We Escape in The Sheets

Includes 1.5 Hours for Netflix, and 1.5 Hours for Private Time

$900 CAD


The Indoor Dinner Date

Allow me to Treat You to a Meal Made By Me, Complete With a Glass of Wine, Hand Holding Over the Table, and Your Taste Buds Fluttering. 

Includes 2 Hours for Our Meal, and 2 Hours for Private Time

$1250 CAD


The Holiday Date Package 

Valid From December 1st-31st, 2020

On Incall Dates ONLY

Enjoy candle-light, Christmas goodies and decor, as we share a festive meal together prepared entirely by me. After we eat, we unwind between the sheets for the most delicious of desserts

2 Hours for Dinner 


1.5 Hours for Dessert

$1150 CAD