Date Ideas *Week 1*

May 30, 2019

Welcome  To  The  Date Idea Blog!


As you may know if you have been following my Twitter (@KylieSpearsXo) ; I enjoy posting frequent date ideas for us to be able to be inspired and share together. Due to the interest I have received to post more of these, I have decided to include them in a blog, where they can all be accessed in one place. As a side announcement, I will now be posting weekly scheduled "Date Idea" blogs! Every Thursday night, stay tuned for more ideas for us to enjoy together!


I hope you enjoy this weeks ideas, which is a collection of all date idea tweets I have created this year. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a special promotion; valid for July ONLY!


1. Let’s split a strawberry cone at Demetres Desserts, complete with whip cream. We share some laughter, subtle touches and conversation as the delicious flavours meet our mouths, as we think about what will come afterwards when I take you home


2. We venture to Niagara Falls, and visit the largest observation wheel; The Clifton Hill SkyWheel. I’ll grab hold of your arm as we reach the sky, so high we could almost touch the stars. We explore more after before venturing back to our room for a night of fun


3. We visit Snakes and Lattes and enjoy delicious appetizers while we get competitive over our favourite board games. We can bet on what or where were going to touch or kiss each-other afterwards when we get back to my place or yours!


4. Let’s spend a overnight date binging on our favourite Netflix shows and enjoying our favourite desserts one by one. Some wine or champagne maybe, and LOTS of chocolate covered strawberries. You can eat them off of me; and vice versa


5. We share a suite looking over the city with a hot tub. We fill that tub with water and rose petals, and pair it with a bottle of champagne & chocolate next to it. We share the bath and the view and our skin, then kiss our way to the bed where we escape in the sheets


6. We walk hand in hand down Dundas in Toronto and enjoy the boutiques and hidden gems of the city together. We stop off at Mahjong, and enjoy the ambience made for intimacy. Then I take you home after to create our very own ambience at my place


7. We visit the Crown Flora Studios in Toronto and make our own terrarium together. We take turns finding cool things to add to it, and can both be proud when it’s finished that we made it. All the teasing touches and looks lead us home afterwards for naughty fun


8. We take a walk on the boardwalk by the lake, and find a secluded spot to put down a blanket and have a little picnic together. We share fruits and appetizers as we laugh and watch the water and the view, then we escape back to my place for some soothing lovin’


9. We eat a romantic and delicious dinner inside a dome under the stars. They twinkle above us as the twinkle in my eye grows for you as we converse and enjoy kisses over champagne. Then I bring you home to further those kisses into more.. and create even more stars



10. We visit Casa Loma in Toronto, the famous landmark, and roam around as if we are royalty ourselves, taking in the history and learning things together. We enjoy dinner at the on site restaurant, and then go home for dessert a la royalty


11. We visit the slots at Woodbine Casino, and each only take $100 in with us. Once that $100 is gone, we leave. We may come out with $1000, we may come out with $0. Either way we laughed, enjoyed the games together, and got to be a little competitive too!


12. We go coffee shop hopping on Queen St, and taste test and find out our favorite spots together. Sharing laughs and conversation over each cup, each one being unique and delicious in its own way. Then I take you home so I can see how delicious you are too


13. We visit one of Toronto’s many famous heated patios on a chilly night, share wine and laughter as we enjoy the fresh air and the warmth of the surroundings together. Then we go home to share a night together of passion, and wake up in each-others arms


14. We visit the iconic CN tower in Toronto together, and have dinner at the revolving restaurant where we share teasing touches under the table and delicious food, before we head back to my place where those touches become more


15. We escape to a ski lodge for the weekend, for fun in the snow and warmth by the fire we can have fun leading each other on the hills. Even use the ski lift together and kiss while we’re up high  then have blissful nights under the covers sharing body heat


16. We go visit the Happy Place in Toronto, and take Instagram worthy photos in between smiles and talks about the beauty around us. We then find a pizza shop nearby, where we share one together . Then I take you home and show you how you’re apart of my happy place


17. We go play pool at a local pool hall, and tease each-other and laugh as we play. We order wings and beer and enjoy the flavours together, and then you take me home to have another game of our own


18. We make popcorn, cuddle under a cozy blanket on the couch, and watch 90s romance movies!
Let’s see how long we last until we can’t keep our hands off each-other!


19. We meet at a local coffee shop and pick up warm hot chocolates or teas, then walk to a nearby skating rink and rent skates. We skate around hand in hand, losing track of time, lost in each other’s laughter; then take me home to devour me


Thank you for joining me for the first edition of my new "Date Ideas" blog! I hope I have inspired you with some adventures we can share together, and I look forward to sharing each week with you with new and improved ones! 


As a thank you for taking the time to read this first blog post, I am delighted to announce I will be holding a special JULY promotion including these!


July Date Idea Promotion


As a birthday treat, I am delighted to provide a special promotion for the month. Choose from any of the date ideas listed in this post, and plan a special date for us within the month of July and receive a special promotional price! Be sure to mention your idea as well as this blog within your inquiry email, and I will give you more information on the promotional rate.

I look so forward to sharing these fun dates with you!










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