Date Ideas *Week 5*

July 1, 2019


Hello There Lover!


Welcome to week 5 of my special weekly segment of special date ideas that are designed with connection in mind! With the warm weather and summer finally arriving, I am so excited for the chance to adventure, and have fun in the sunshine! Enjoy these ideas, and I hope that you will share any feedback you may have on any of them. 





1. We take a walk to our favorite restaurant, enjoy dinner, only when we come out, it is pouring rain. Instead of get upset or try and run from it, we embrace it and decide to do a little dance together. The perfect way to get me even closer to your body as we let the drops fall around us. We then laugh and head home where we can take off our wet clothes and get all warm together.


2. Let's visit the completely free Toronto Light Festival in the Distillery District and marvel at the sculptures, canopies, and everything else, all made of lights! Futuristic creations will surround us as I kiss you, hold your hand and walk around the beautiful market together. We then head to a nearby restaurant for something delicious to eat before you take me home. By then we will be seeing more then just lights in our minds, but stars too!


3. Toronto has a new escape room, and it comes equipped with bloody walls, scare tactics and a low success rate of actually escaping. Let's get close as we figure out a way to get us both out of the haunted room, all the while sharing sneaky kisses for extra motivation. When we get out, we go for a bite to refuel after what is an unforgettable experience, and then we head home where we chat about all the creative ways we came up with escaping on the route. Great minds think alike! Let's put ours together!


4. Ever wanted to make sure you got a work out in but had a date and couldn't make both happen at the same time? Well now we can, at Soulcycle Toronto. Let's sweat together as we take a spin class and really get our hearts pumping before we head home to get even closer. 


5. Are you more of a winter person and really want to escape the heat of the summer? Let's get a head start together and head to the Chill House, on Bathurst. With everything made of ice, and courtesy parkas and gloves given at the door, we wont have to worry about catching a cold, and can even use body heat for some extra warmth too! We share the wonders inside along with some hot chocolate, before you let me take you home and warm you up. 


6. Let's head to O'Noir for a completely unique experience, while dining completely in the dark. The waiters wait on us blindfolded and we experience something where we can focus on each-others voices, our conversation, and our taste buds entirely. We then head out so I can take you home, and have all the lights on as we get to know each-other in the complete opposite way. A evening for all the senses!


7. Solving a scene as we enjoy a delicious meal? Sounds perfect to me! Let's visit Mysteriously Yours on Yonge St for the experience of a life-time, getting to know our inner trivia buffs while solving a mystery as the night progresses! We then head home to reflect on how we did and even trade our bets too; if we get competitive like that!



8. Nothing brings a couple closer together then sharing a hike together within the beauty of nature. Let's get our hiking gear on, and share a trek together to the highest point of a cliff, and make sure to share many kisses when we arrive. We can even pack a picnic, and share it while enjoying the view. We then take the travel down and back to civilization, where we go home for relaxation and to unwind from a great adventure!


9. The Royal Ontario Museum is by far one of my favourites in the city and I love to be surrounded by its art, but would love it even more sharing a fun game of hide and seek with you. You hide in crevices and I do too, and we bet on who can find each-other first. Prize is the first person getting kisses when we arrive back home!


10. We rent a private cabin in Wasaga Beach, and escape for the weekend for adventure, lake views and quality time together. When we get there we can even rent a boat and explore the nearby islands, and go skinny dipping at night to our hearts content! We share moments as we go to sleep and as we wake, to the sunrise through the window. Pure bliss!


11. Ever wanted to take up sailing? Let's brush up our skills together and head to Port Dover for a sailing class, that allows us and an instructor to go out on the water and really test out what we can do. We can challenge each-other and motivate our efforts, and even dock somewhere and go for a little swim before we head back! Then I take you home so you can show me your skills in other ways too!



12. The Brockville Railway tunnel is something that is unforgettable to see, and especially perfect to explore hand-in-hand. We take a day trip there and share the wonders and history behind it, and take every opportunity for our hands to find each-other as we marvel at all around us. We then make the drive home with my hand still in yours, sharing conversation and laughs and the wind through the window, thinking about all were going to get up to when we get home. Create our own history, and allow it to inspire us!


13. Theres a Mario kart style speedway in Niagara that literally makes you feel like your trapped in your childhood video game again! Let's get in the car and take a drive there, share laughs and extreme fun as we race around and see who is the best driver, before we head to a nearby hotel with a heart shaped jacuzzi so we can be sure to relax our bodies after all the laughing and smiles!


14. Let's visit Paris, Ontario and the worlds most awesome lazy river, where we can relax and hold hands and get to know each-other as we lazily enjoy the water around us. We then head home so you can see what else was getting wet in the process!


15. Nothing like a hot air balloon ride, complete with your arm around me, the view around us, and our faces filled with smiles. We head up above the world and share kisses as we feel like we are in the clouds together. We marvel at all the beauty before we come down to reality and create our very own beauty when we head home. 


I sincerely hope you enjoyed this weeks "Date Ideas" post, and I truly do hope you are feeling inspired for special adventures. It means a lot to me for each and every one of my suitors to know how much I want every experience for us to be fun, one that's unforgettable and filled with memories, and I design each and every one of these ideas with that in mind. 

Stay tuned for the next post this Thursday!


Xo, Kylie 

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