Date Ideas *Week 7*

July 21, 2019

Welcome to week 7 of my special date ideas; designed with connection and adventure in mind! I take pride in being able to build something that we can always remember and be able to share unforgettable memories, and I so hope that these blog posts weekly keep inspiring you of wonderful dates we can share together. 

1. We visit Le Montmartre; a French restaurant that exudes the feel of being in Paris as we enjoy authentic cuisine and teasing glances over the table as we get to know each-other in the best of ambiences. We then head back to my place or yours to further our night of romance, and create our very own Paris retreat as the world disappears around us.


2. What more of a beautiful way to explore Canadian history then at the Spadina Museum together! We share hand holding, exploration and share in the memories of everything as we bask in each-others presence. We grab a bite when we're finished our adventure, and then head back to my place where we create a beautiful future; and write our own history.


3. Let's visit Christie Pitts park; where we can enjoy a beautiful picnic in the summer months, and skate hand in hand in the winter months too. We can even bring my puppy or yours, and enjoy a walk within the park and marvel at all of natures beauty surrounding us. 


4. If you know me well you will know that Kawartha ice cream is my all-time favourite, and Carter's ice cream is the perfect stop for us on the journey to sweet moments. We share a cone and conversation as we get even more comfortable with each-other before you take me home, where we can both cater to our sweet tooth even more!


5. Movie night dates are always so fun, especially accompanied with a horror film, and all the butter on the popcorn! Let's share a theatre experience at Fairview SilverCity, with many moments for me to cling to you and sneak little kisses and touches. We can feed the popcorn to eachother and take the rest home, so we can feed it to each-other in bed too!



6. Instead of Netflix and chill, how about video games and cuddles? Let's whip out the PS4 and our favourite game, and get competitive in our comfortable clothes as we bet on who will win. The bets can get as creative as our heart desires, with maybe starting with each piece of clothing until there's none left? We play until we cant anymore, and then head to the bed for our own special, different type, of game. 


7. There's something extremely exciting when I think of sharing a swim with someone special; the water surrounding us and relaxing us in every way, and having all the opportunities to be in your arms and splash you! Make that swim at night when the stars are in the sky, and I believe that's a perfect backdrop for us. We help each-other out and wrap eachother in our towels and intertwine, as we head back home and to the bed to further dry off and get wet in all sorts of other ways!


8. Let's start at the beginning of the Bloor line on the TTC subway, and get off at every stop to explore a local bar/restaurant. We can have 1 shareable appetizer at each place, and marvel at the differences in the food and the ambience. When we get downtown, we end up at my place for the most special stop of all!



9. How about a film festival for 2? In the comfort of home? Let's make it happen with a whole collection of DVDs; all different genres and from all different eras. We spend the day watching them all, complete with popcorn and all the cuddles and laughter as we enjoy each one. We figure out our favourites and which ones we could do without, and which actors/actresses we enjoy the most. We get to know each-others likes through seeing our expressions to the movies, and take every advantage for every kiss and touch. Then I lead you to the bed so we can share moments before we fall asleep with the stars and moonlight through the window. 


10. Had a busy day? A busy week? Let's unwind and forget the world at Blue Mountains beautiful Scandanave Spa. With salt tubs, scenic views, and the perfect ambience for complete bliss, its the best place for the whole world around us to disappear and to just enjoy our own little bubble. We can spend the night at one of Blue Mountains beautiful suites, and further relax after our whole body is restored. Wake up together with the sun shining through the window and a cup of delicious coffee. Perfect.


I sincerely hope you enjoyed this weeks date ideas, and I look forward to sharing more with you and further bring romantic thoughts to you. Stay tuned for a new announcement coming attached to next weeks post! 


All my love, 

xo Kylie

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