Date Ideas *Week 8*

July 27, 2019

Hello There My Lover!


Welcome to Week 8 of my special weekly segment of date ideas for us to share together. These are designed for those seeking adventure, with connection and closeness included to make for the perfect date. Toronto and the world is our oyster, and there are so many fun places we can take advantage of.

Step into my world of romance and happiness... 




1. Pizza and martinis are always a great idea, especially enjoyed in beautiful company and within the beauty and ambience of Hey Lucy Café on King St. Casual eats that are perfect for sharing, and a drink menu focused on martinis, it is the perfect intimate spot to get to know each-other more before we head home for more privacy and close moments. 


2. The Toronto Islands are the most beautiful place to enjoy a mini getaway from the city. Let's hop on the ferry, journey over to the island and find a spot on the beach to share a picnic and some wine. We enjoy the beauty of the water and frequent kisses in between our reminiscing of memories and dreaming of ones we are going to create in the future. We head to one of the on site restaurants and enjoy a bite before we get back on the ferry to head back to the city so I can take you home.


3. Paintballing always gets the blood pumping and adrenaline flowing, and what better way for us to adventure and have some fun together then that! We spend the evening getting competitive and then head back to my place so we can massage out any of the soreness from the paintballs; or just massage each-other so we can enjoy our touch!


4. Let's throw it back with a retro-style date, at Scooters Rollers Palace. Complete with old school tunes, roller skates to choose from, and hand-holding as we enjoy the fun of it all; it's the perfect place for a first, second or even 10th date. We escape back to my place after to continue the fun in naughty ways. 


5. Let's start our very own game tournament. Every time we see each other, we pick a different game and play it and see who wins. We tally up our winnings throughout the year, and then have a epic celebration at the end, reminiscing on our collection of memories we have accumulated throughout. Like a romantic "play-off game" if you will.




6. Are you a true hockey fan at heart? Let's embark on the ultimate hockey day on the town with our first start being the Hockey Hall of Fame, Downtown Toronto. We marvel at the history behind the teams and the players, and then stop for a delicious lunch at one of the nearby restaurants. After we fill our bellies, we head to my place to fill our minds, and spirits with intimate moments.


7. Staycations are always fun, especially alongside that someone special! Let's plan a weekend; stay In a nearby hotel, enjoy room service and the local sights as we pretend to be tourists and as if we were sharing the city for the first time. We head back to the hotel and back to the bed frequently for moments of bliss, before we head back to reality feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


8. Toronto has many local festivals and fairs to enjoy, especially within the summer months, with Taste of Little Italy being one of my favourites. Let's visit and enjoy the authentic music, delicious food, and little boutique booths to buy nostalgic items. We hold hands as we explore, and share our thoughts on the food and culture surrounding us. The walk back to my place includes many loving, teasing looks and touches, as we continue our night in my bed. We can even stop for some Italian wine to share together as were wrapped in my silk sheets and each other.


9. Concerts are the best way to share a date together, especially if that concert is one that is hosted outside. Let's grab a blanket, a grassy spot, and maybe even some wine or something sweet in a cooler bottle for us, and prepare for beautiful entertainment as you pull me closer into your arms. Whether it be a country artist, hip hop, r&b, or dance, as long as were together there will be frequent smiles and all the laughter to share. After the concerts done, let me take you home for a private preview of the songs we heard, while we enjoy them as our bodies are intertwined.


10. Road trip my love? Let's plan to go somewhere either close to the city or a bit far away, get in the car, pack up our things and enjoy the journey together. Many moments for my hand in yours, as well as my hands and mouth to explore other places of you as you drive too. We can make stops to see the sights and take photos, and even stop in a small town to enjoy a cute motel together. 




Thank you for sharing another wonderful week of my special blog of date ideas, and I truly hope you have enjoyed every one. Allow them to inspire you of fun ways we can get to know each-other, and share moments and adventures by each-others sides that can last a lifetime within us. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, as well as any ideas you may like included in future posts, feel free to email me at to let me know, or DM me on Twitter at @KylieSpearsXo. 




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xo, Kylie

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