Date Ideas *Week 9*

August 2, 2019

Hello there my love!


I am so happy you have taken the time to explore my weekly blog post of date ideas, and I so hope to inspire you with romance, fun and adventure!


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1. Let's go on a Toronto streetcar adventure. We start downtown in Chinatown on Spadina, and ride the streetcar to various places in the city that happen to catch our eye. We enjoy the sights as we drive by, with your hand softly caressing my leg and frequent opportunities for kisses and conversation. We then stop off at a delicious restaurant of our choosing where we share dinner, as I have a WeVibe inside me. You control the vibrations and watch my facial expressions and the tease of thinking of how wet im going to be afterwards. We then head home and even during the walk you control the feelings within me, and when we finally get through the door our clothes can't wait to come off!


2. A dinner date with a special twist. Let's go to the farmers market, pick out various ingredients for our very own special dinner, and head home to prep in the kitchen together and create a culinary masterpeice. We can even wear matching aprons with nothing underneath, and share in naughty moments as we wait for the food to cook. We can enjoy the smells fill the house as we enjoy each-other, and then have the best and most relaxing meal after our intimate moments. Perfect twist on a wonderful date.


3. We get in the car one night with no particular destination, and head out on a special adventure around the city. We stop at wherever catches our eyes and our hearts, and marvel at the lights and stars that surround us. We can grab a snack or ice cream on our adventure and then head back to my place so we can reminsce on all we saw; and further create even more unforgettable memories.


4. There are many historical hotels around the city, each with their own flare and unique ambience for us to share. Let's book a room at the Broadview Hotel or the Drake, and share in intimate moments within our own little romantic cave. A staycation if you will; the perfect way for us to unwind together without having to leave the city. With rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries and all the candles filling the room; its the perfect way for us to share a special night together. We can even head out for a midnight walk should our escapades go further into the night, and come back to fall asleep in bliss in each-others arms.


5. Let's let our inner singers come out and perform a duet at a local bar in the city! We go and share some appetizers and drinks, and gain the courage to perform a special song together. We laugh and share in the moment as we let our fears leave us, and get even closer through the process. Afterwards we share a close walk back to my place or yours, where we can laugh and share more about ourselves as we continue the fun of the night. When we get through the door, the kisses will turn to more and we will be able to share those giggles and fun moments all tangled up in bed. 



6. Let's escape to a tropical destination equipped with a ocean view pool and share it together. We can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and just be, enjoying the views and each-other in all ways. Maybe even a suite with a ocean view as well, anything to be able to relax in your arms. The ultimate adventure; complete with romance, heat and sunshine.


7. Concerts are always more amazing shared together! Let's choose a band or artist that we both like, and go and see a show together where we can sing out loud together and not care what others think. We dance and even take every opportunity to have our bodies close together, and sneak those kisses in between songs too. After the show, we escape for maybe a bite to eat or just head home, depending on the anticipation and appetite we have worked up. When we get there all the fun and adrenaline will finally be able to be put at ease through our skin, touches and moments. 


8. Flowers are an eternal symbol of romance, so what better date then to share a botanical garden together where were surrounded by them to really set the mood? We explore and share our insights and thoughts on the beauty around us, and hold hands as we stroll through each exhibit. Afterwards, we share a drive back to my place and keep our conversation going, this time with teasing flirting and lots of touches as well. When we get home our hands won't want to leave each-others bodies, and I don't think either of us will be complaining. 


9. Dates that help build our connection and trust are some of my favourite options. Let's find a mountain or a place where we can rock climb together, and really test our limits and put our fears to rest. When we complete it we can marvel at what weve accomplished, and celebrate with a tight hug and a long kiss. We then share getting down from that mountain or rock wall and share laughs as we do it, and then escape home to relax from our adventures together surrounded by candlelight and soft music.


10. Since I was a little girl I have always loved fishing, and the chance to relax on the dock or in a boat and see what I could catch. Let's grab a canoe, or a blanket, and head to somewhere within the cottage country of Ontario, and have a fishing/camping weekend together. We share in fun, nature surrounding us and even S'mores, and the most romantic moments each night in either a tent or cabin on site. We cook our food over the fire each day and even share in the fish we catch if were able to! We come back to the city refreshed and rejuvenated, with special memories for us to always cherish and remember.



Thank you for sharing another special week of Date Ideas with me. I am so happy to be able to put these together for you each week, and I am loving the chance to share these by your side and that I am inspiring you in so many ways. Keep an eye out for next week, Week 10, which will be a special themed edition! To be announced next Thursday!


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With all my love,

Kylie Spears xo

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