Snapchat Premium

Are you someone special that has always wanted a closer look into my world but are too far away for us to spend time? or perhaps we have already made memories, and you are a suitor that enjoys to be reminded of naughty times? If these sound like you, then snapchat premium is for you!

$25 Per Month


$100 Per Year

Accepted forms of payment are Amazon, Lush Canada, or Apple e-gift cards, or Interac E-transfers to 

*Please Note : I Do Not Accept PayPal or American Gift Cards at This Time. Please Contact Me For a List of Accepted Gift Cards

Now Included for My Premium Snapchat Members:

"The Snapchat Dice Game"

Twice a week I will be rolling 2 dice, and every roll wins a special prize from a list of exclusive prizes only for my snapchat subscribers!

For More Info & To Subscribe to My Premium Snapchat;

Email :